“Being in a sorority means loving each and every one of your sisters beyond their imperfections. Being an Alpha Chi means we are bound together by a bond that runs deeper than any law created by man. Being in this sorority comes with an everlasting love for one another no matter what happens. It is more than an organization. Alpha Chi represents sisterhood. It is a second family, it’s your bridesmaids, and most importantly…it is your best friends. This support system will last for our whole lives.”


-Janie Ferren, Fall 2014 Pledge Class


  At Alpha Chi Omega sisterhood is the bond that ties us together. We push one another to be the best version of ourselves by enouraging one another to always seek the heights. Whether it's attending philanthropy events, social functions, or getting ready for gameday, were always having a blast right along side our sisters.

One way Alpha Chis spend time together is through Sisterhood Retreats. There are many different types of sisterhood events, but the most important part of each one of them is enjoying time with sisters! Each semester, the chapter sponsors at least one retreat. These are often all-day trips that allow sisters to spend time together and bond. Some of our recent trips include rafting down the congaree river, trips to the pumpkin patch, seeing movies together, and trips to Charleston. Wherever we go, hand in hand, were always having an incredible time and making memories to last a lifetime.

Social Functions 

Each semester, Alpha Chi Omega sponsors at least three social functions to which chapter members can bring dates. Throughout the semester, we mix with other greek organizations with fun themes and venues.  



Tie the Knot
Fall Band Party


Crush Party
Senior Band Party


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