Recruitment  2020

Know an amazing girl coming through recruitment at USC? 

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Note: You will need to login to complete the recommendation form. Recommendations are due no later than August 3rd. We are unable to guarantee that recommendations received after this date will be considered.

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To register for Sorority Recruitment...

Please visit and complete the online application.

 Recruitment registration is open and will close on JULY 31st at 11:59 PM. All women who register for Sorority Recruitment will be required to move in earlier than the university move-in date. Please see for more information about Recruitment 2020!

Membership Selection Process

When a young woman accepts a bid for membership from Alpha Chi Omega, she is welcomed and accepted as she is, and she will never be expected to fit a specific mold. Potential new members are selected for membership of Alpha Chi after meeting our five national standards of membership. The sisters of Alpha Chi, Theta Upsilon Chapter included, all exemplify to the best of our ability the personal qualities of character, leadership, academic interest, personal development and financial responsibility. After receiving a bid from Alpha Chi, new members participate in an educational program meant to help them make a smooth transition into college life and a lifetime membership in Alpha Chi Omega. This includes education on the history of Alpha Chi Omega nationally and at the University of South Carolina, as well as sisterhood events and socials. She will then be inititated as a lifetime member.


Alpha Chi Omega participates in formal Recruitment each Fall through the University Of South Carolina’s Sorority Council. The sisters of the Theta Upsilon chapter are very excited about Recruitment 2020! We would like to welcome all of the potential new members to the University of South Carolina and wish each of you the best of luck throughout the Recruitment process as well as your collegiate career as a Gamecock!

Keep in mind that throughout the week, Recruitment days are filled with early morning and long hot days. Remember to drink plenty of water, eat well, and get lots of rest! Recruitment is always an exciting time for our chapter, and the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega look forward to meeting you during Recruitment 2020!

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