515 Gadsden Street

alpha chi house

"I will forever be grateful for my decision to live in the AXO house for my sophomore year.  The chance to live with so many friends and sisters gave me the opportunity to connect with each individual and make friendships that might not have developed as strongly if we hadn’t all lived under the same roof!  There is no experience quite like living in the house."

- Claire Hardy, Fall 2016 Pledge Class

Our chapter house, located at 515 Gadsden Street, is in the Greek Village and has three floors that are always filled with activity. Here we hold chapter meetings, sisterhood events, and have meals prepared by our in-house chef.
The house features suite-style living for 33 members, with two members to each bedroom. 

The first floor of the house holds the chapter room, where meetings are held and meals are served, as well as a study, breakfast room, formal parlor, board room for committee and executive board meetings, an office complete with all the necessary equipment, the house mother’s suite, and a den, known as the Red Room. The Red Room is a popular place to socialize while watching movies, football games, and TV favorites.

The third level holds Executive Board officers and has its own den and mini-kitchen. There is a kitchen on the second floor for all residents to use and a newly enlarged sun deck with a capacity of 150! The sun deck is complete with lounge chairs, tables with umbrellas, three hammocks, and the occasional inflatable pool! There are also lots of rocking chairs on both our ground level and second floor front porches. These two porches are favorite spots for the girls to drink sweet tea and relax after a long week.