Meet our Non-Executive Board

Freshman CRSB Rep: Madi Connolly

Sophomore CRSB Rep: Sarah Corry

Junior CRSB Rep: Bianca Demaria

Senior CRSB Rep: Cassie Heisey

Assistant VP of New Member Ed: Maddie Hoskins

Mystagogue: Carlisle Cooper

Assistant VP Finance: Carly Michaud

Freshman Risk Management Rep: Ally Romeo

Sophomore Risk Management Rep: Elizabeth Swindells

Junior Risk Management Rep: Lillian Sayre 

Senior Risk Management Rep: Claire Hardy

Assistant VP Risk Management: Nicole Monninger 

Social Chair: Alex Brown

Assistant Social Chair: Layla Robinson

Mixer Chair: Cassidy Sheppard

Assistant Mixer Chair: Carlisle Cooper 

Assistant Panhellenic Delegate: Maddie Hoskins

Homecoming Chair: Dominique Terrell  

Food Committee Chair: Sophie Robinson

Choreographer: Brianna Maia

Greek Week Chair: Gia Filter

Assistant VP Intellectual Development: Joanna Gray

Awards Chair: Caleigh McMorris

Intellectual Resource Development Chair: Maddie Brookstone

Assistant VP of Facility Ops: Lauren Pilotti

Holiday Decorations Chair: Suzette Garcia-Stam

Food Committee Freshman Rep: Abbie Ryan 

Food Committee Sophomore Rep: Lauren Pilotti 

Food Committee Junior Rep: Issy Rushton

Food Committee Senior Rep: Sara Marciano

Sustainability Chair: Kristina Butler

Assistant VP Philanthropy: Lindsey Sander

Philanthropy Relations Chair: Nicolette Morabito

Assistant Philanthropy Relations Chair: Mia Huber

Community Service Chair: Kristina Butler

Relay for Life Chair: Kristina Butler

Fundraising Chair: Kristina Butler

Freshman Philanthropy Board Rep: Ally Romeo

Sophomore Philanthropy Board Rep: Joanna Gray

Junior Philanthropy Board Rep: Lilly Kays

Senior Philanthropy Board Rep: Frannie Guarnieri

Photo Chair: Macey Mitchell

PACE Chair (Promoting Alpha Chi Everyday): Macey Mitchell

PR and Marketing Secretary: Cassidy Sheppard

Publications Chair: Jordyn LoPresti

Website Chair: Ellie Houff

Videography Chair: Mary Grace Cannon

Assistant Videography Chair: Carli Vaughan 

VSCO/Tumblr Chair: Elizabeth Hyde

Graphics Chair: Sarah Corry

Twitter Chair: Catherine Bishop

Instagram Chair: Holly Locklin

Blog Chair: Caroline Corsello

T-shirt Chair: Jenna Griffin

Banner Chair: Erin Dare

Freshman My Journey Rep: Madi Connolly

Sophomore My Journey Rep: Aly Dipasquale

Junior My Journey Rep: Issy Rushton

Senior My Journey Rep: Joanna Tiller

Parent's Cocktail Chair: Lexi Colasanto

Assistant Parent's Cocktail Chair: Catie Murphy

Assistant VP Membership Programming: Carlisle Cooper

KROM Chair (Keep Recruiting Our Members): Gia Filter

KAOS Chair: Madi Connolly

Intramural Chair: Kaitlyn Sidoti 

Healthy Living Chair: Carli Vaughan

Chaplain: Joanna Gray

Historian: Alyssa Aly Dipasquale 

Warden: Lilly Ball

Circle of Sisterhood Chair: Taylor Talty

Alpha Chi Omega