about us

Alpha Chi Omega is a national women's organization that enriches the lives of members through lifetime opportunities for friendship, leadership, learning, and service. Since 1885, we have been a society that encourages our members to "Seek the Heights," while emphasizing the importance of being "Real. Strong. Women." Our symbol, the golden lyre, represents our aim to find joy in the small things and harmony in life. This chapter, Theta Upsilon, has been a strong name on campus for 30 years, opening doors to new and exciting opportunities. As life long members, we support each other in all of our endeavors. 


Alpha Chi is a place to call home.  

The Theta Upsilon chapter of Alpha Chi Omega is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our chapter. We have recently put in place new programs and practices in order to achieve this goal. We understand that this movement should not end here. So, we will continue to learn and explore new avenues to increase inclusion within our sisterhood. The Theta Upsilon chapter strives to be a place where all women can feel safe, confident, and loved.




Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15, 1885, at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Professor James Hamilton Howe, Dean of the Music School, invited seven young women from the school to attend a meeting for the purpose of forming a society. The first appearance of the seven founders – Anna Allen, Olive Burnett, Bertha Deniston, Amy DuBois, Nellie Gamble, Bessie Grooms and Estelle Leonard was in Meharry Hall, wearing scarlet and olive green ribbon streamers attached to their dresses.

Alpha Chi Omega’s Founders chose “Alpha,” the first letter of the Greek alphabet because they were forming the first fraternity in the school of music. Since they thought they might also be founding the last such fraternity, “Omega” seemed appropriate. “Kai,” meaning “and,” was added to form the beginning and the end. “Kai” was soon changed to “Chi,” a letter of the Greek alphabet. The Theta Upsilon Chapter at USC was founded on March 26, 1988.